Auto Technologies

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Program Description
Students develop practical experience in basic diagnostic and troubleshooting skills while becoming proficient in repair and maintenance of a car’s mechanical and electrical systems. Students may be required to purchase a tool kit to be used during the course and upon entry into the job market. Completers are now working as technicians at car dealerships, service centers and automotive specialty shops.

3D Lab Room and Course

Instruction Video

Skills Necessary for Success
  • Responsible team player
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Ability to follow multi-part directions and complete complicated tasks
  • Patience to follow through on assignments
  • High tech problem-solver
  • Cooperative attitude
  • Disciplined self-starter
  • Good manual dexterity
  • Positive work ethic
Professional Pathway
  • Automotive service technicians at car dealerships, service centers and automotive specialty shops
  • Tune-up technician
  • Electrical systems technician
  • Front-end technician
  • Brake specialist
  • Diagnostician
  • Field service technician
Industry Credentials
  • ASE Entry Level Certification
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Level I:  Ground Transportation – first semester; Automotive Engine Performance – second semester
  • Level II: Automotive Braking, Suspension and Steering Systems – first semester; Ground Transportation Electrical Electronics – second semester
Career Interests/Helpful Background
  • Experience working with automobiles
  • Knowledge of computer software and keyboarding skills
Higher Education Opportunities
  • College credits available
  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree

GRADE LEVEL: 10, 11, 12
LENGTH: Two years
SCHOOL: Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson

Cuyahoga Falls:
  • Level I: English 1; Automotive 3.
  • Level II: Automotive 3.
  • Level I: Science 1; Automotive 2.
  • Level II: Math 1; Automotive 2.
  • Level I:  6 hours
  • Level II:  8 hours

Potentially, students can earn 14 hours towards an Automotive Technology Associate of Applied Science degree at Stark State College.

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