NEW Academy of Finance Careers

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Program Description
The Academy of Finance Careers (AFC) is a business program designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in finance, accounting or business. Students will explore aspects of business including economics, management, business law, financial planning and credit/insurance and risk management. They will also develop effective communication/presentation skills while developing collaboration skills for high-functioning teams. Students will become members of the Business Professionals of America (BPA), a national student organization.


Areas of Concentration
  • Business foundations
  • Software applications
  • Management principles
  • Economics
  • Fundamentals of financial services
  • Financial planning and financial management
  • Human resources management
  • Benefits and compensation management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business processes, customer relationships and corporate social responsibility
  • Business ethics
Professional Pathways
  • Financial analyst – CFA
  • Financial planner – CFP
  • Accountant – CPA, CMA
  • Benefits & compensation manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Payroll manager
  • Insurance agent
  • Stock broker
  • Auditor
  • Financial consultant/business consultant
  • Corporate development – mergers and acquisition
  • Banker
  • Loan officer
  • Corporate law
  • Entrepreneur – operating professional offices as a CPA, CFP, financial consultant and EA – tax specialist
  • Excellent Attendance Record
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

Courses and Credits

Level I: CP English, 1 cr. (4.0); Finance Foundations, 1 cr. (5.0); Financial Services, 1 cr. (5.0)
Level II: CP English, 1 cr. (4.0); Financial Accounting, 1 cr. (5.0); Management Principles, 1 cr. (5.0)

Post-Secondary Opportunities
See Career Catalog Pages 37 to 40 for details.


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