Community Agriculture for Local Impact

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Program Description
Do you want to make a positive impact on the environment and your community by learning the skills necessary to address two of the world’s most pressing issues: climate change and food insecurity?  Students in this two-year program will develop practical knowledge in the areas of animal and plant science, agribusiness management, and environmental stewardship to prepare for both careers in the green industry and post-secondary education.  Students will be highly engaged in the community through hands-on, authentic learning experiences.  Partnerships with community food assistance programs and local businesses will provide students with exposure to various financial and cultural needs.  Industry credentials and college credits are available.

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More to Come

More to Come


Areas of Concentration:

  • Sustainable agriculture practices
  • Animal health & nutrition
  • Entrepreneurship in agriculture
  • Farm-to-table food production

Professional Pathways:

  • Greenhouse/nursery manager
  • Hydroponic grower
  • Farm manager
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Agricultural and food scientist
  • Farmer, rancher, and other agricultural manager
  • Agricultural worker
  • Plant and soil scientist
  • Environmental scientist/specialist
LENGTH: Two years
SCHOOL: Cuyahoga Falls

Cuyahoga Falls:
  • Level I: Animal & Plant Science, 1 cr. (4.0); Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, 1 cr. (4.0); Environmental Science 1 cr. (4.0)
  • Level II: Greenhouse & Nursery Management 1 cr (4.0); Bus. Management for Agriculture & Environmental System 1 cr (4.0)

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