Jessica Lilly

Connections Lead to Career in Forensic Science

Jessica Lilly
Jessica Lilly, a 2003 completer from Roosevelt, parlayed her experiences in two College Tech Prep Initiatives into a career in forensic science. Health Careers Technologies “opened up a lot of great opportunities for me, as well as for my peers.”

In fact, a class field trip to Omega Laboratories in Mogadore led to the start of Lilly’s career. She has worked there since graduating from Waynesburg University in Waynesburg, PA.  “My courses for a forensic science major in college were a combination of chemistry, biology and criminal justice. I enjoyed the lab work and took pride in being precise and accurate with my experiments.” After a summer internship,
she was hired by Omega, which does illicit drug screening on hair and saliva samples.

“Each day the company receives samples shipped by Fed Ex, UPS, USPS and DHL,” Lilly says. “Positive samples are run through a confirmation test specific to each drug category, such as PCP, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, THC or extended opiates. I perform these extractions each day, resulting in a sample that is then analyzed using the GC/MS instruments.”
Lilly says learning anatomy in HCT helped her when she switched to Athletic Health Care and Fitness her senior year due to scheduling conflicts. She continued to volunteer at Robinson Memorial Hospital and had opportunities to shadow different professionals.

“Having a background in anatomy and medical knowledge from my two College Tech Prep Initiatives made me one step ahead of the others in my classes,” Lilly for Lilly Lawn Service says it all. Professional Attitude, Professional Equipment, Professional Job. Lilly is a 2003 Roosevelt graduate, a completer of the Compact’s Urban Forestry and Landscape Horticulture Career Program and a 2006 graduate of Tri-C’s Plant Science & Landscape Technology with an Associate of Applied Science degree.