Programming and Software Development

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Program Description
Learners apply principles of computer programming and software development in this hands-on, two-year program that will prepare you for in-demand, high-wage jobs!  Students actively engage in the academic and technical skills necessary in the development, implementation and maintenance of computer and web-based software.

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Skills Necessary for Success
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong mathematics and logical skills
  • Disciplined self-starter and follow directions
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Logical thinker who pays attention to detail
  • Patience to follow through on tasks
Professional Pathways
  • Computer & information systems manager
  • Computer programmer/ engineer
  • Computer security specialist
  • Computer support specialist
  • Computer systems administrator/analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Game/mobile applications developer
  • Software applications specialist
  • Experience with prior computer science courses would be helpful
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Strong math/algebra skills
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

Post-Secondary Opportunities
See Career Catalog Pages 37-40 for details.


Foundational Skills
  • Principles of computer programming
  • Software development
  • Information technology
  • Code development
  • Software applications
  • Website development
  • Units of logic
  • Database development
Possible Post-Secondary Majors
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • IT industry credentials may be available
GRADE LEVEL: 10, 11, 12
LENGTH: Two years (three periods per day)
SCHOOL: Stow Munroe Falls

  • Level I: Enriched CP English 1 cr; Computer Logic & IT Fundamentals (Sem1) 1.5 cr; Object Oriented Programming (Sem2) 1.5 cr
  • Level II: Enriched CP English 1 cr; Web Development 1.5 cr; Interactive Application Development 1.5 cr; Capstone-IT 1 cr

REQUIRED CAPSTONE:  IT industry credentials may be available

Computer Logic & IT Fundamentals (1 credit) (Year 1-Semester 1)

Students will learn about information technology/computer concepts including history, security, and societal issues in computing as well as input/output systems, computer hardware, networking and operating systems and software.  Student will also learn the basic units of logic: sequence, selection and looping and will apply algorithmic solutions to problem-domain scenarios using commercial and open source applications.

Object Oriented Programming (1 credit) (Year 1-Semester 2)

Students will learn to represent programming concepts as “objects” that have data fields and associated procedures known as methods.  Students will implement classes such as support static, instance method, inheritance, polymorphism, exception handling, and object serialization. Commercial and open source programs and applications will be used.

Web Development (1 credit) (Year 2-Semester 1)

Students will learn the dynamics of the Web environment with an in-depth study of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), and JavaScript.  Students will create websites with tag text elements, special characters, lines, graphics, hypertext links, and graphical grids while addressing web-based protocols and scripting.

Database Application Development (1 credit) (Year 2-Semester 2)

Students will use developer strategies to manipulate data, present database systems theory, and develop database applications.  Students will learn to import and export data, manipulate table properties, make advanced queries, and run basic SQL forms and reports. Knowledge and skills of data modeling, diagramming, query writing, and design theory will be developed.

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