Ryan Shalashnow

Park Manager Credits Forestry CTP for Jumpstarting Career

shalashnowlargeRyan Shalashnow, a 1998 Forestry and Landscape Management College Tech Prep completer and Hudson graduate, is the Park Manager of the South Chagrin Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks.

A park employee for 16 years, Shalashnow says, “My most important responsibilities include managing and training my crew so they are safe and have the knowledge and skills they need to accomplish their duties, upholding the standards of care that our park receives from the pruning of our trees to the maintenance of our buildings and implementing the strategic initiatives of the Cleveland Metroparks. These include protecting our natural resources, maintaining a good relationship with neighboring communities and making sure that the park is safe for our patrons when they “Come Out and Play.”

According to Shalashnow, the Forestry and Landscape Management College Tech Prep Initiative “helped jumpstart my career.” He credits his instructors. “The experience and knowledge of both Tom Franek and John Lang proved to be very valuable and unforgettable,” Ryan says. “They both have an awesome work ethic and job knowledge that helps prepare and train you in a way to be successful in the real world, no matter what job you have.”

Ryan also notes that the Career Passport he received “proved to be a valuable tool and gave me an edge in the job interview process.”

He says the partnership with Davey Tree Expert Co. was very helpful in providing resources and training for students, as well as employment opportunities. “I have many good memories, most of which involve the work we did as a class such as building a retaining wall and climbing and pruning the trees around the school.”