Tessa Baker

Completer Loves Working on Cars

Tessa Baker, a 2018 graduate of Cuyahoga Falls and completer of the Collision Repair program, is one of few women in the field. She was the only female in her class and has faced challenges from male coworkers, but “I’m still going for it,” she explains.

Recently, Tessa was hired by the Fred Martin dealership located in Norton, where she is “finally getting into paint.” Currently, she is mixing paint, priming parts and getting experience. “I really appreciate working at a shop that cares about my career,” Tessa explains. “I am neat and organized when prepping – disassembling and reassembling wrecked cars. It’s like putting together a puzzle for me.”

After helping her dad, who renovated houses, prep and paint rooms, Tessa says she always wanted to paint cars. “I really wanted to learn, and I listened to Mr. Jones and took his advice.” Instructor Todd Jones says, “Tessa excelled in my program and loves working on cars. If I owned a body shop, I would hire her in a minute.”