Zachary Long

Project SEARCH Completer Advancing His Career at Summa Health

Zachary Long, a 2009 completer of the Project SEARCH program from Cuyahoga Falls, has worked for Summa Health since he completed the program.  He began his career as a patient transporter and over the years became one of the department’s trainers.  He trained all new hires, as well as any Project SEARCH students within the department.

Recently, Zach was promoted to a work leader in the Vascular Department.  Zach shares that Project SEARCH helped prepare him for employment by providing him with help on interview skills and experience with attention to detail and communication skills.

Project SEARCH is a collaborative, site-based initiative located at Summa Health that aims to prepare students for employment. The Compact is proud of Zachary’s successes, promotion and commitment to 13 years of work at Summa Health.