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Program Description
Creativity meets practicality.  Upon completion of this two-year program, students are prepared to take the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Exam and our students have an exemplary record in passing this exam!  Students qualify for immediate employment and can perform professional grooming services related to the care of hair, skin and nails.  Instructors and students are kept up to date in this rapidly changing profession by attending shows and conferences, hosting guest artists and participating in competitions.  Internships are available in “high end” salons.

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3D Lab Room and Course

Instruction Video


Skills Necessary for Success
  • Interpersonal/Relationship skills
  • Positive attitude; Self-starter
  • Punctual and responsible
  • Responds positively to customer requests
  • Accepts constructive criticism
  • Communicates with team members effectively
  • Problem-solver
  • Creative-thinker
  • Decision-maker
  • Life-long learner
  • Creative
  • Practical, yet inventive
  • Imaginative, yet resourceful
Foundational Skills
  • Hair Cutting and Design
  • Manicuring
  • Esthetics
  • Hair Coloring
  • Infection Control
Professional Pathways
  • Hairstylist/colorist
  • Nail technicians
  • Skin esthetician
  • Makeup artist
  • Beauty product representative
  • Salon owner/manager
  • Platform artist
  • Educator
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Requirements
  • Master competencies or units of instruction
  • Pass mandated academic requirements
  • Pass the practical test, written test
Post-Secondary Opportunities
See Career Catalog Pages 37-40 for details.
LENGTH: Two years
SCHOOL: Cuyahoga Falls, Roosevelt

Cuyahoga Falls:
  • Level I:  English 1 (4.0); Microbiology and Infection Control, (4.0); Fundamentals of Cutting and Styling, (4.0)
  • Level II: English 1 (4.0); Hair Fundamentals of Chemical Services, (4.0); Skin Care Fundamentals and Enhancements, (4.0).


  • Level I: CP or Honors English 1cr. (4.0 or 4.5); IA Fundamentals of Cutting and Styling 1.5cr. (4.0); IB Microbiology & Infection Control 1.5cr. (4.0).
  • Level II: CP or Honors English 1cr. (4.0 or 4.5); IIA Skin Care Fundamentals 2cr. (4.0); IIB Fundamentals of Chemical Services 2cr. (4.0); Cosmetology Capstone 1cr. (4.0).

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